About The Product

When the Showgard factory has a production run, there are occasional strips that contain MINOR imperfections (mostly minor scratches). These strips are called "seconds". The imperfections are extremely minute and most are not even noticeable. They are never of a nature that would harm the stamp or impair the display of the stamp. If you want to display and protect your stamps in the best way possible, Showgard mounts are the answer.

The advantage of buying "seconds" is price. "Seconds" are packaged, by the factory, in DOUBLE PACKS. This means there are twice as many strips in a pack of "seconds" compared to a pack of regular strips. The suggested retail price for a regular pack with 22 strips is $9.50. A pack of "seconds" with 44 strips is only $9.50. This is a 50% savings. Also, every pack of "seconds" comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I started selling these packs in 2005.

Since 2005, I have sold to over 2,500 stamp collectors and have never had a request for a refund. There are 32 sizes available in black strips. The sizes vary from size 20 to size 158. The length of the strips varies from 215mm to 240mm. There are 15 sizes available in clear strips with the size varying from size 20 to 63. All of the strips are split down the middle of the back of the strip. There is also available a selection of "regular" mounts. These are the same packages of mount that you would find in a retail outlet but at a reduced price.