How much can you save buying "seconds"?

The July, 2014 APS magazine had an advertisement from Subway Stamp Shop. Subway was offering a 30% discount off of their normal price of $8.75 for a package of 22 strips. If you bought 12 packs from Subway at $6.13 per pack, your total would have been $73.56 + $8.83 (12%s&h)=$82.39. Since "seconds" come in DOUBLE PACKS, you need only buy 6 packs for a total of $58.50 + $4.95(s&h)=$63.45. Thats a nice savings of $18.94. The cheapest I have seen a pack priced on Ebay is around $6.00 which means you pay $12.00 for 2 packs unless you are out bid. My DOUBLE PACKS are $9.75 and you don't have to bid.