Shipping & Returns

SHIPPING AND HANDLING - All domestic (US) shipping is sent via USPS first class mail or priority mail if over 15 oz. Shipping charge is 10.0% of the total order with a minimum of $4.95. Normally, the maximum shipping charge will be $15.00. If the system has charged over $15.00 than the overage will be refunded to your paypal account if paid by paypal. There may be exceptions to the maximum shipping charge on very large orders or where insurance may be concerned. These will be handled on a case by case basis. International Shipments are sent International First Class mail.  The cost is 15% of the purchase amount with a $17.00 minimum.  The buyer is responsible for any and all customs fees and charges.  Under no condition do I ship to Africa, Asia (Japan is acceptable), Middle East or Eastern Europe. RETURNS - All orders of "seconds" are guaranteed to be to the satisfaction of the buyer. As these are "seconds", it must be expected that an occasional imperfection will be found on a strip. The guarantee is that when a pack is opened that the entire pack does not contain imperfections that would harm the stamp or impair the display of the stamp. If an entire pack is faulty, it may be returned, at the buyers expense, and will be replaced. The return of the pack may be waived with sellers consent.