Frequently Asked Questions

When the factory has a production run, the strips must go through quality control. Some strips will have very minor imperfections such as tiny fingernail type scratches or the end isn't cut quite straight or in laying the glue, for the back of the strip, it may have not been applied straight. Whatever the imperfection, it is never of a nature that would harm the stamp or impair the display of the stamp. In most instances, you will not even be able to see the imperfection.

The July, 2014 APS magazine had an advertisement from Subway Stamp Shop. Subway was offering a 30% discount off of their normal price of $8.75 for a package of 22 strips. If you bought 12 packs from Subway at $6.13 per pack, your total would have been $73.56 + $8.83 (12%s&h)=$82.39. Since "seconds" come in DOUBLE PACKS, you need only buy 6 packs for a total of $58.50 + $4.95(s&h)=$63.45. Thats a nice savings of $18.94. The cheapest I have seen a pack priced on Ebay is around $6.00 which means you pay $12.00 for 2 packs unless you are out bid. My DOUBLE PACKS are $9.75 and you don't have to bid.

The purchase of shipping insurance is optional but highly recommended. I am not responsible for any shipments lost in transit.

In 2010, I have had 3 shipments lost by USPS. Two of those shipments were not insured. The cost is minimal and you will find the option to purchase insurance under each catagory. If you buy from more than one catagory, it is only necessary to purchase the insurance one time to cover your entire shipment.

I ship to the US and Canada.  All other countries, orders must be placed by email to  Upon receipt of the order, a paypal invoice will be sent for payment of the order. 


I guarantee that all orders of "seconds" will be to your satisfaction.

As these are "seconds", it must be expected that you might find an occasional strip that has an imperfection. What my guarantee covers is that the entire pack is not defective. In 5 years and many thousands of packs sold, I have only had 2 packs that needed replacing. Should you feel that you have a defective pack, contact me at

Paypal is the only credit option I accept. I do not accept any credit cards.

Payment may be made by check or money order if drawn on a US financial institution and in US funds. You will find this option when you reach the check out page. Your order will be held until funds are received. If funds are not received within 10 days, the order will be cancelled. In some instances, large amounts may require a 10 day hold for funds to clear the bank.

The following customers have kindly given me permission to use their names and email address for referrals. (Robert Schultz - customer since 2/07),  (Richard Kohler - customer since 8/09),   (Gene Baker - - customer since 10/10),   (David Gekas - - customer since 6/08),  (Richard Goldberg - - customer since 1/13),  (Daniel Goodwin - - customer since 1/11), (Tom Kerkhof - - customer since 2/09), (Charles Lafferty - - customer since 2/09), (John Hauser - - customer since 2/13), (Donald Faulkenburry - - customer since 9/11), (Robert Alheim - - customer since 12/09), 

DOMESTIC (US) S&H cost is 10.00% of the total order with a minimum charge of $4.95 and a maximum of $15.00.  If you are charged more than $15.00, a credit for the overcharge will be sent to your paypal account.  There may be exceptions to the maximum charge on very large orders.

CANADA S&H cost is 10.0% of the total order with a minimum charge of $15.00 and a maximum of $20.00.

INTERNATIONAL S&H cost is 15% of the total order with a minimum charge of $20.00.  There is no maximum.  Buyers are responsible for any and all custom fees and charges.